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It is a specific blood test that identifies and measure antibodies against the parasite.


To get a clearer idea of whether you should be screened for Chagas disease, take the following test.


If you have Chagas disease the following advice is important:

  • You should check whether the symptoms you have are due to the disease.
  • Even if you have no symptoms you should have a heart check-up and repeat this assessment at least once a year.
  • With the help of your doctor, you should decide whether or not treatment would be useful.

Once you have contracted Chagas disease, the important thing is to try to prevent the disease from becoming chronic. It is essential to seek medical attention immediately and start treatment as soon as possible because the drug is much more effective during the initial months following infection.

People who have been diagnosed and are in the chronic phase of the disease should focus on preventing the development of the complications associated with infection. Regular doctor's visits are recommended in such cases.

The following are a list of medical centres that offer diagnosis and treatment for Chagas disease.